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We're looking for people who are fun to work with, truly passionate about what they do and are dedicated to building great products.

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Social Media Manager (Tel Aviv)

As a Social Media Manager at Start A Fire you’ll manage our community of vibrant users. You’ll reach out to users and work closely with our product team on understanding users’ wants and needs. You’ll build online presence and become familiar with every social platform nuances.
  • Great verbal, writing and analytical skills
  • Understanding and experience in social media

Content Marketing Manager (Tel Aviv)

As a Content Marketing Manager at Start A Fire, you will be in charge of researching, producing and promoting our online content across the company blog, industry blogs and online communities.
  • Content research (topics, keywords, trends, SEO, analytics) experience.
  • Experience in writing, measuring and promoting content.
  • Deep understanding of social media and online communities.
  • Native English speaker

Front End Developer (Tel Aviv)

As a Front End developer, you will be working on many different projects and challenges simultaneously. You'll build a friendly, cloud based, social media management environment. You’ll reverse engineer and become familiar with every package and client side technology out there and master the art of dynamic Javascript manipulation.
  • Master in client side development (you know who you are)
  • Experience in our server stack is a plus (Python, Django, MySQL)

Server Developer (Tel Aviv)

As a Server Developer at Start A Fire you’ll work on our realtime thick web proxy supporting extremely heavy traffic at optimum performance. You’ll research new technologies and undocumented web implementations. You’ll reverse engineer web architectures and make performance optimization on every implementation level (Design, DB, Algorithms, implementation, servers’ layout).
  • Experience in our stack (Python, Django, MySQL)
  • Front End experience is a plus
  • DevOps experience is a plus

Mobile Developer (Tel Aviv)

As a Mobile Developer at Start A Fire you’ll work both on our iPhone and Android apps. If you are a master in just one that’s fine by us as long as you are eager to learn. You’ll work closely with our product team and will be taking everything you do from A to Z.
  • Vast experience in iPhone/Android development
  • Knowledge in server or web development is a plus

DevOps Engineer (Tel Aviv)

As a DevOps Engineer at Start A Fire you’ll be in charge of our automated server deployment over several geographical regions and finding the best possible architecture for every component. MySQL, NoSQL, testing, automated deployment, load balancing, high availability, caching and offline vs realtime is our bread and butter.
  • Experience in our stack (AWS, Fabric, Puppet, PhantomJS, Lettuce) but we expect you to bring a lot more to the table and find the right architecture for every solution
  • Experience in our server stack (Python, Django) is a plus


Send us an email with your CV to: hireme@startafire.com