Google AdSense Verification

Why do I see "" ( domain in my Google AdSense account?

Start A Fire technology acts as a smart real time proxy between the user and the actual website by following the complete proxy protocol. All server communication goes from Start A Fire to the actual website domain in real time.

Therefore, when someone shares your content with Start A Fire, all the pageviews and tracking events will be sent from "" (e.g.

How can I verify the "" ( domain?

In order to verify the domain, open the "My Sites" page on Gogole Analytics, then under "Manage sites" you will see the "" domain. Click the "Verify" button, and it should be verified right away.

Will I get all the impressions, click and revenue?

Yes, of course. Once you verify the "" domain in your Google AdSense account, all past and future tracking will be counted as usual.

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