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Our mission is to enable everyone to get the full value from the links they share, while providing a great experience to the entire ecosystem.

About Start A Fire

Start A Fire enables everyone to get the full value from their shared content by adding a badge with their content recommendations to any link. You can see an example here:, or learn more about Start A Fire

It's highly important for us to provide a great experience for publishers and blog owners, as well as anyone else who opens the link and shares them.

How does it work?

Start A Fire technology acts as a smart real time proxy between the user and the actual website by following the complete proxy protocol. All server communication goes from Start A Fire to the actual website domain in real time, just like magic :)

About the technology and how it affects your content

Start A Fire doesn't store or copy any content, and it doesn't affect your site's analytics and tracking. Any site will work as usual:

  • Imagine iframes minus the downsides

  • Start A Fire doesn't copy or store content - any changes on the website will reflect immediately on Start A Fire.

  • Analytics - analytics & tracking tools will keep working seamlessly - all pageviews and clicks will be reflected.

  • SEO - Start A Fire doesn't affect SEO. By adding canonical URL which points to the original URL, the SEO is counted for the original URL. Additionally Start A Fire adds robots.txt that tells search engines not to index its links.

  • Share buttons - all likes, share buttons, etc. will behave the same as the original page (the canonical URL points to the original URL).

  • Start A Fire Badge - it's essential that the Start A Fire badge will be easily recognized as an independent layer on top of the website, thus it will always be in the same size and position.

Google AdSense verification

If you see "" domain under the "Sites" section in your Google AdSense account, you can easily verify the domain and all the impressions and clicks will be counted as usual. Learn more

More information

Learn more about Start A Fire and how it works.