About Start A Fire

Our mission is to enable everyone to get the full value from the links they share, while providing a great experience to the entire ecosystem

What is Start A Fire?

Start A Fire enables you to get the full value from links you share by adding a badge with your content recommendations within any link.

By showing your badge along with your content recommendations to anyone who opens or shares the links you create, Start A Fire will help you grow and expand your content's audience in a completely seamless way.

Start A Fire is fully integrated with social media tools such as HubSpot, Buffer and Oktopost and supports both desktop and mobile devices.

Start A Fire has helped us leverage the distribution of other people’s content in a way that benefits both the creator and the publisher. Simple. Effective. Everyone should set up Start A Fire. There's no reason not to do it.

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How to use Start A Fire?

After signing up, you will be able to attach your content recommendations within any link you would like to share, by pasting it to the Start A Fire dashboard or by using one of our tools.

You can select which blog posts or other content you would like to recommend to your audience. We highly recommend you select relevant and high quality content, based on the type of links you share along with your recommendations.

How does it work?

It's highly important for us to provide a great experience for publishers and blog owners, as well as anyone else who opens the link and shares them.

Start A Fire technology acts as a smart real time proxy between the user and the actual website by following the complete proxy protocol. All server communication goes from Start A Fire to the actual website domain in real time, just like magic :)

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